EDIT – Strategic consultancy

EDIT is in the internationalization process, having opened its campus in Madrid earlier this year and counting on a very aggressive international expansion plan until 2020, with the intention of opening the Barcelona, Berlin, Amsterdam and London campuses.
To proceed with your expansion plan, EDIT will need external investment. Black Sheep Consultancy was hired to conduct the due diligence process, prepare the company’s marketing and investment deck, and prepare the entire pitch for potential investors, as well as for the evaluation of the company.


SIBS – Brand Architecture

Black Sheep Consultancy in partnership with the agency NOSSA and consultancy company Llorente & Cuenca carried out the design of the new brand architecture of SIBS.
This project aimed to develop a new Brand Architecture that allowed SIBS to reposition itself with current and potential stakeholders in the different areas of know-how, affirming its innovative and diversified offer of services and solutions that extend beyond the Multibanco project and its historical link to the banking sector.


SANA HOTELS – Brand Architecture

Black Sheep Consultancy in partnership with the NOSSA agency has developed the new brand architecture of the SANA Hotels group, with particular emphasis on its 3-star and 4-star segments.
The project also went through the development of new concepts in hospitality, based on research in the tourism market in Portugal and trends in the national and international hospitality sector, to support the repositioning of these two segments.


SOGRAPE – Digital Strategy

Black Sheep Consultancy has developed the digital marketing strategy – positioning, social networking strategy, communication strategy and online sales strategy – that has supported BY’s creative process for the different brands and markets in which SOGRAPE is present, namely: Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom, Russia and United States. For the development of the digital strategy, a complete market study was carried out containing: a study of the global wine market, customer profile, competition, benchmarking, analysis of the company and specific products.
Because of the excellent work developed, SOGRAPE had chosen BY to be responsible for the digital of all SOGRAPE brands from the beginning of 2018.


Oneybank – Product Development

Black Sheep Consultancy in partnership with White Way has developed in collaboration with Oney Bank a new product in the area of credit.
For the project an extensive research was conducted on the credit market in Portugal, competition, benchmarking and also quantitative and qualitative research with clients and partners of Oney Bank. After the definition of product and approval by the company and its partners, the consulting department was in charge of preparing the marketing plan for this product, business strategy and communication.


MARÇAL – Internationalisation Plan & Social Media Strategy

Black Sheep Consultancy has developed for Marçal Home Decor Products, a Portuguese company of decoration products, its strategy of internationalisation for Brazil and also its social media strategy.
As part of the internationalisation project, Black Sheep Consultancy defined the ideal internationalisation model for the company, taking into account the costs, competition and potential partners and clients. In the strategy of social media, the project included not only the definition of strategy but also the management of social networks for a period of eight months.


SONAE CAPITAL – Business Strategy

Black Sheep Consultancy together with WYGroup developed the business, brand and communication strategy that served as the basis for BY’s creative process for the Tróia Resort, hospitality and real estate area and for the S. Hotels collection hotels.
To this end, an intense market research was carried out (tourism market, competition, international benchmarking and customer profile) for later redefinition of the positioning of each group enterprise and definition of each business strategy.


AdvanceCare – Business and Brand Strategy

Black Sheep Consultancy and White Way Brand Services were responsible for the development of AdvanceCare business and brand strategy for 2020. 

Black Sheep Consultancy conducted an extensive study on the Portuguese insurance market, followed by online survey, interviews and focus groups with health insurance holders to access AdvanceCare brand image, recall and recognition and evaluate AdvanceCare’s service according to its customers.

Black Sheep Consultancy envolved all of AdvanceCare’s stakeholders, conducting a series of interviews to incorporate in the analysis their vision for AdvanceCare’s future.


Nova SBE Venture Lab e Optime Investments – Sociedade de Capital de Risco

Black Sheep Consultancy was responsible for preparing Nova SBE Venture Lab and Optime Investments application to IFD line of financing for venture capital funds (IFD-FC&QC-FCR-01/16).

Lainne Estética – Website Development

Black Sheep Consultancy was responsible for Lainne Estética website design and content development.


Luggage @ City Center – Digital Marketing Strategy

Black Sheep Consultancy was responsible for designing the digital marketing strategy of Luggage@CityCenter. Luggage@CityCenter is responsible for the strategy implementation.


ISSHO – H2020 SME Instrument Phase I Application

Black Sheep Consultancy built ISSHO‘s application to H2020 SME instrument phase I. Black Sheep Consultancy provided full application management, wrote the proposal and led the application process relieving ISSHO to focus on its business core activities.


WYGROUP – Sector mapping and competition analysis

As part of the strategic partnership between WYgroup and Black Sheep Consultancy, we conducted a thorough advertising, branding and digital marketing sector mapping, WYgroup competition analysis and a market diagnosis.


LIVEDRIVE – Application to H2020 FTI

Black Sheep Consultancy built LiveDrive‘s application to H2020 FTI (Fast Track to Innovation). The application involved a consortium of five companies: two Portuguese, two Spanish and one Austrian. Black Sheep Consultancy provided full application and consortium communication management, wrote the proposal and led the application process relieving LiveDrive to focus on its business core activities.


PERFORMETRIC – Company strategy

The challenge proposed to Black Sheep Consultancy by EggNest and PERFORMETRIC was to help them define the exit strategy of PERFORMETRIC three years from now. As part of the project Black Sheep Consultancy conducted a detailed analysis of PERFORMETRIC algorithm potential applications, did a market research and a thorough competitors analysis. The final result was the company three year strategic plan and exit strategy.


EMBLY – Application to Portugal Ventures

Black Sheep Consultancy was responsible for preparing EMBLY application to Portugal Ventures Ignition Programme. As part of the application Black Sheep Consultancy elaborated a detailed business plan for 3 markets – Portugal, Brazil and USA; an exhaustive competition analysis and elaborated the company corporate presentation. After successful application and with EMBLY passing to the second phase of the competition, Black Sheep Consultancy elaborated the pitch presentation and script.


LEADS 4 SALES – Company strategy

The challenge proposed to Black Sheep Consultancy by EggNest and LEADS4SALES was to help them define the company strategy for the following years nationally and internationally. As part of this project Black Sheep Consultancy conducted a competition analysis on the national and international market and an evaluation of business opportunities in different verticals.


AUSVISTO – From idea to Startup

Black Sheep Consultancy collaboration with AUSVISTO started when AUSVISTO was a business idea, the intent to help Portuguese wanting to immigrate to Australia overcame the bureaucracy of the process. As part of this collaboration Black Sheep Consultancy conducted a market research composed of online questionnaires and over twenty interviews, defined AUSVISTO beachhead market, conducted a product portfolio analysis and defined the pricing strategy. Black Sheep Consultancy was also responsible for AUSVISTO marketing plan including the digital marketing strategy definition. Black Sheep Consultancy continues its collaboration with AUSVISTO and is in charge of the company’s marketing.


APCAS – Applications for funding

Black Sheep Consultancy has started a partnership with APCAS – Associação de Paralisia Cerebral Almada Seixal – to assist the association in its applications for funding. Black Sheep Consultancy is responsible for preparing the application dossier and writing the proposals.


DOGO – Internationalization plan

DOGO is a Turkish design company that wants to expand into the Iberian market. Black Sheep Consultancy defined the internationalization strategy for Portugal and Spain, namely the company’s business plan for both countries, the business location feasibility study including real estate mapping and price negotiation with landlords for Portugal, and the stores’ architecture layout. The company has just opened its first store in Barcelona.


ISGREEN – Product development and application to Climate KIC Accelerator Program

Black Sheep Consultancy entered in the development phase of two new products – Intelligent Window and Intelligent Vent and was responsible for defining the go-to-market strategy of both products. Black Sheep Consultancy was responsible for the successful application of ISGREEN to the Climate KIC Accelerator Program.